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Find out what the Safing team is currently working on. This is a compact overview of bigger tasks grouped by projects.

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Improve Installation Process

The Assignment:

Instead of downloading individual components on first start-up, download them during the installation process.


CI & Arch Installer

The Assignment:

Package the Portmaster for Arch Linux.

While at it implement Continuous Integration via Github Actions to automatically test all future installs on Windows, Debian & Arch.


Funding Proposals

The Assignment:

Request different grants to help us out financially with all the research & development still ahead of us.

Apply follow up fundings both from the Netidee and the FFG.

More on Transparent Funding...
Tabitha Raphael
In Progress (9)

Being in progress does not imply the project will be completed soon. Plenty will take a while and a few might even get discarded. Read the monthly blog updates to follow the progress and conclusion of every project.


SPN Pre-Alpha

The Assignment:

Deploy the SPN in v0.1. Give access to Marvin and Visionary Kickstarter backers.

Communicate that this is only the first step and that it will take a few weeks or months until the network is stable enough to support hundreds/thousands of users.

Daniel Patrick
SPN Portmaster Website

Safing API

The Assignment:

Enable you to sign in to your Safing account on the Portmaster client via the Safing API. Also respond with details regarding your SPN subscription.

Implement device management so you can sign out of devices from the Safing website.

David Daniel


The Assignment:

Create a service that aggregates filterlists, updates this intelligence frequently and distributes it to Portmaster clients so they do not have to do this resource heavy work themselves.

Also aggregate and distribute GeoIP data so the SPN module can calculate up-to-date Internet routes for its circuits.


Portscan Detection

The Assignment:

Detect and block malicious actors trying to expose vulnerabilities by scanning through all networking ports on your device. Research thoroughly to prevent false positives.

Daniel Thomas (Intern)
Portmaster Website

Portmaster Documentation

The Assignment:

You can see our high level concepts & you can inspect our code. But nothing in between.

Fill that gap by providing proper documentation of the Portmaster. What does each component do? With what other components does it interact? Where is its code located?

David Patrick Daniel

Administration Interface

The Assignment:

Enable admins to easily accept cash payments, manage refunds or suspend rogue users.

Also provide some basic insights on signups, payments, survey results, etc...

Alex Raphael (Intern)
Website Community

Next Page & Backlog

The Assignment:

Properly communicate what we currently are working on so you know what to expect from us in the nearer future.

Also provide a backlog to acknowledge everything that needs to be done further down the road. Encourage participation so you can easily let us know where we might need to adapt or what we might have missed in the bigger picture.

Luke David

Redesign account.safing.io

The Assignment:

When visiting https://account.safing.io/ to manage your Safing account, the design clearly breaks from the main website.

Unify these designs so you get a more wholesome web experience.


Inception: Reaching Out

The Assignment:

As the SPN will soon see the light of day, the time has come to spread the word, also by spending money.

Reach out to YouTube channels and newsletters in the privacy scene who offer sponsored shout-outs.

You are very welcome to give us suggestions in this context.

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Raphael Tabitha

There is More.
A Lot More.

We have plans and ideas for years to come. We will never be "done" but always evolve and progress. I'm sure you have cool ideas for us too! Take a look what we already plan on doing in the longer run.

As disclosed above we're still working on the backlog. Coming SoonTM.