Progress Overview

Find out what the Safing team is currently working on. This is a compact overview of bigger tasks grouped by projects.

Recently Completed (3)

Docs: Add Fundamental Guides

The Assignment:

Describe some basics such as (un)installation, operating system compatibility, troubleshooting, how to contribute, etc...

Deprecate the GitHub Wiki. Flesh out the scope and details as you go.

Daniel David

Pitch Safing on National Television

The Assignment:

With our appearance on Puls4 Television airing at the beginning of April, create a blog post explaining our intention with this gig.

Handle press requests from journalists reporting on the occasion.

Raphael David
Back Office

Finish FFG Midterm Report

The Assignment:

With the current FFG grant reaching its half time mark we need to hand in the midterm report in order to keep them updated as well as to unlock the next funding batch.

Tabitha Raphael
In Progress (4)

Being in progress does not imply the project will be completed soon. Plenty will take a while a few might even get discarded. Read the monthly blog updates to follow the progress and conclusion of every project.


Stabilize the Network

The Assignment:

After v0.1, focus on stabilizing the typical issues that arise with early software. Fix bugs, improve performance & stability.

Detect failures in the network and react accordingly.

Deliver to more and more pre-orders as the network matures.


Polish UI Design

The Assignment:

From a design perspective, the new User Interface was simply the minimal viable product. Go through each page and element in order to bring it up to speed with the concept design.

Luke Patrick

Try Content Marketing

The Assignment:

Draft and create content which provides lots of value to the readers. Co-op with others from the scene, participate in the discussion and through that, indirectly spread the awareness of Safing.


Cryptocurrency Payments

The Assignment:

Enable you to pay for the SPN with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero


There is More.
A Lot More.

We have plans and ideas for years to come. We will never be "done" but always evolve and progress. I'm sure you have cool ideas for us too! Take a look what we already plan on doing in the longer run.