Our Values

Privacy First

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union clearly states in Article 8:

Everyone has the right to the protection of personal data concerning him or her.

We believe that this has become increasingly difficult in an age where private data is being harvested in masses as described by Shoshana Zuboff with the term surveillance capitalism.

Surveillance capitalism in short is the growth and income focus of capitalism paired with the information gathered from huge amounts of personal data. This combination results in more and better tracking of user behavior to exploit them financially.

Our mission at Safing is to make sure everyone can protect their digital selves without making compromises in usability or privacy. We help users take back control over their data.

Open Source

To ensure maximum privacy for our users and to build trust we need to be transparent in every aspect. That’s why we publish all of our hard work as open source. This way you can have a look at our source code and inspect if we truly stay to our word.

Ethical Funding

Taking money always means opening up to influences. That is why we see it as our responsibility to be thoughtful about taking investments. We do not want parties to gain influence which do not or might not stand behind our values. That is why in our current funding phase we took more personal risks instead of selling parts of our company for easy money.

Transparent Funding Policy

For us, ethical funding also means we want to make sure that our users know who paid for the programs and services they use.

As a result we have adopted a transparent funding policy to openly share how we are funded. All our funding (and partnerships) will remain public!

Clear Business Model

Instead of pushing a free product and worry about the business model later, we want to have that part figured out right from the start. So, this is how we’ll do it:

  • Portmaster is and always will be free. ‘Getting people back in control of their data’ is our core vision, which is why we concluded to release Portmaster for free.

  • Gate17 is a subscription based service. Of course we need to cover our costs and pay our bills. But more importantly we want to have the funds to further engage in our mission and to extend our services. That is why we decided on the subscription model - instead of building just on donations - which we feel would be infeasible.

What is really important, is that we will never put profits before our vision. We will never sacrifice the privacy of our users for money.

If you want to support us, use Gate17! And if you want to go further, get involved in our community!


The company behind Safing is Safing ICS Technologies GmbH, a private company registered in Austria. The company is fully owned by its three founders:

Influences     updated June 2019

This section shall inform about what influence the company is exposed to. This includes received funding, partnerships, supporters, trainings and other things.

Personal Investment
Starting from 2017
We invest our personal time and money to further push the project and company. Starting from 2017, and drastically increasing over the next years, we personally invested over 200.000€ in value.
invested over 200.000€ in value
You can support us by donating.
Netidee funding from 2017 helped us to kickstart all this. In late 2018, they granted a follow-up funding for the year 2019 🎉
received 47.799€ funding (2017)
received 30.048€ funding (2019)
another 7.512€ held out in prospect (2019)
ESA-BIC Austria
Safing ICS Technologies GmbH is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Austria.
We are incubated by Accent, with SPG and the Lower Austrian State as the contractual partners.
coaching over the incubation timespan
received 30.000€ in funding
another 20.000€ held out in prospect


Fund of Excellence
The Fund of Excellence is an investment fund by the Erste Group, that invests in people, rather than companies.
They are actively investing in one of Safing's founders.
receiving continuous personal funding