Portmaster is Alpha Software - expect hickups here and there

Take Back Control of Your Computer

Portmaster is a free and open-source application that puts you back in charge over all your computer's network connections.

Alpha Software: Portmaster is in active development

Monitor All Network Activity

Discover everything that is happening on your computer. Expose every connection your applications make and detect evil ones. Finally get the power to act accordingly.

Alpha Software: Portmaster is in active development

Manually Allow or Block Connections

Add your own rules to block specific domains you dislike. Enable Prompt Mode and decide the fate of every new connection. Block or Allow.

Alpha Software: Portmaster is in active development

Auto-Block via Selected Filter Lists

Block ads, trackers, malware and NSFW sites via trusted domain-lists, which are also used by Ad-Blockers, etc. Easily change the defaults to fit your needs.

Alpha Software: Portmaster is in active development

Enforce DNS-over-TLS

Even with invasive connections gone, you do not want to share your dns requests out in the open. With the Portmaster, you can easily re-route all your dns queries to a DNS-over-TLS provider of your choice.

Alpha Software: Portmaster is in active development

Explore the Docs and Source Code

In the age of Mass Surveillance, what good is a service when you cannot see what it is really doing? We believe in open source. We also document everything as good as we can.

Alpha Software: Portmaster is in active development

Configure Settings for Different Networks

The Wi-Fi in your local coffee shop is riskier than yours at home. Set up your settings for different networks and then simply press a button when changing location. All settings will adjust immediately.

Alpha Software: Portmaster is in active development

Set Global & per‑App Settings

Make your own rules. Completely cut off applications from the Internet. Or block all p2p connections except for certain apps. Or never connect to specific countries. The Portmaster has you covered.


Portmaster is Alpha Software, treat as such; expect bugs here and there. Early Adopters welcome.


You have a question? We answered some already, but you can always contact us at hello@safing.io

How do you make money? What is the catch?

In short, our business model is Freemium. First provide local privacy for free, forever. Then let happy users support us by paying for a powerful VPN alternative. Finally reinvest earnings into making all our products better.

Learn more about the Business Model

Since the Portmaster can block ads and trackers, do I still need an ad-blocker for my browser?

Yes, we highly recommend to continue using adblockers, such as uBlock Origin, uMatrix, or similar. They give you more fine grained control over domains. iE you can allow certain domains to allow css files & images while blocking cookies & javascripts. The Portmaster cannot make this distinction.

What platforms do you support?

Currently we support Windows and Linux. Mac and Mobile are planned, but are further down the road.

Where can I find your source code?

You can find our code on Github. The Portmaster, the Portmaster UI, the SPN, the docs and this website have their respective repositories. Jess, the heart of the SPN, which got audited by Cure53, can also be found online.