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Our Vision

Put you back in control of your data.

Our Mission

Give you the opportunity to choose whome you want to share your data with.

The Solution

We provide you with a simple but powerful tool that manages your connections to the Internet for you. On top of that we make sure that the data sent out is protected from prying eyes on the way to its destination. All this helps to protect your privacy as best as possible.

Dynamic Level
Fortress Level

Portmaster - Application Firewall

The Portmaster ensures that applications only send data to service providers you trust. This way your device leaks no data. To ensure usability and effectiveness the firewall has pre-configured application profiles which know which connections are required for an optimal and private experience.

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Port17 - Secure Network

The Port17 Network ensures that the data you send out is safe and private. While active, all your traffic is routed through the secure network, which makes your Internet traffic private and anonymous. As a result websites you visit do not know who you are (unless you tell them) or where you are located, nor does your Internet service provider know where you connect to. And because your privacy is our top priority we built the whole system in such a way, that not even we can feasibly retrace the connections you made.

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