Portmaster - Application Firewall

The Portmaster enables you to protect your data on your device. You are back in charge of your outgoing connections: you choose what data you share and what data stays private.

Gate17 is your secure network

Stay private while surfing the Web with Gate17. Now you are in charge of where your traffic is going: you can handle connections separately, choosing where each shall leave the network.

It gives you the power to appear at multiple places on the web at once!

Privacy First

For us, privacy isn't just a feature – it's the foundation we build our products on. We make sacrifices on all other fronts to protect your privacy and push the limits of technology to do so.

Open Source & Ethical Funding

Transparency is a key value for us, therefore we release our code open source. To truly be a privacy first company, we also believe that we must be open about all our financial influences & partnerships.


Privacy isn't a "one shoe fits all" kind of thing. And we do not claim to have an all-encompassing solution. You will need more than what we provide to get the best privacy possible. So, we create spaces where you can talk about all things privacy.