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Privacy Network

Stay private while surfing the Web. Stop ISPs, Wi-Fi Operators and VPNs from collecting all your personal [meta] data. Secure your whole computer, not only your web-browser.

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Privacy first

We believe privacy is the foundation to a free & open society. We can only grow if we have a safe place to nourish our best selves.


Do we walk our talk? You be the judge! If you like what you see, consider helping us by contributing in our community.

Open Source

Transparency is a key value for us, therefore we release our code open source. If you're a techie, we challenge you to have a look ;)

Outpacing Big Corp

With the Safing Privacy Network, all your outgoing connections are onion encrypted locally. They are then routed through our multi-hop network (blue) to prevent all current middlemen from logging and exploiting your private activities.

Each route is calculated individually to minimize exposure to the untrusted web (non-blue). Also, DNS over TLS is enforced for your whole computer. Find out more...

Transparency enforces Accountability

Being transparent means you and others can examine us; it gives insight whether we really walk our talk. It's the reason we believe in open source. But we don't want to stop there:


We're human, just like you.
Meet the team behind this venture!


Many have fallen because they were not really in charge of their company. So, who is in charge of Safing?

Ethical Funding

We believe that we must also be open about all our financial influences & partnerships to truly become a privacy first company. Have a look!

You be the judge

Review and inspect everything we do and say: every page, every podcast, every line of code, every strategic decision.
If you do like what we do, please consider helping us by contributing to the Safing community.

Stay up to date

Listen to our podcast where we give insight into our company. Ranging from the current development progress to our latest challenges to our thought process behind making important decisions.

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