Your digital safe harbor.

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At a Glance


Safing is all about protecting your privacy online.


Safing doesn't need a manual, it's so easy, anyone can use it.

Open Source

Safing is fully open source, find us on Github.

In More Detail

Safing is your digital safe harbor.

The Portmaster protects your privacy by carefully checking everything that leaves or enters your device, preventing that someone invades your privacy or collects data on you without your consent. It does all this without constantly bugging you - instead it relies on intelligent decision making and crowdsourced intelligence data.

Port17 is a lightning fast network that connects you to the Internet in a whole new way, enabling you to enjoy more privacy than ever before.

With Safing, privacy is a pleasure.


What we've done and plan to do.

  • 2016

    Finalizing the Concept

    Think. Discuss. Write. Repeat.

  • 2017

    Portmaster: Get back in control!

    Decide yourself which applications share your data.


  • Q2 2018

    Release of first version

    First release, finally explore the power of Safing!

  • 2018

    Port17: Private Internet Reimagined

    Stop sharing your Internet activities. What you do online is private.


  • 2018

    Stamp Community

    The go-to place to share information about websites and Internet entities. Backed by a blockchain.