Fight surveillance because you love Freedom.

Without privacy there is no freedom of press, no freedom of speech, not even freedom of thought. Take back your freedom.

Engage the problem at The Core

The Internet is one of the most beautiful things there is. But every connection has the potential to betray you, leaking personal information you never wanted to share. That's where we intercept.

  • Open Source

    Secure software can only emerge when many smart people review and contribute to the code base.

  • Transparency

    The trust to handle your sensitive data can only grow by being open about our company. In every aspect.

  • Our Quest

    We chase freedom so our societies can flourish. Giving control back to the people is way overdue.


Powerful VPN Alternative

Free yourself from mass surveillance. Secure all your meta-data by decoupling yourself from your destination, inspired by Tor. Protect your whole computer, not only your browser.


All-Round System Privacy

Enforce DNS-over-TLS and block connections on a system wide level. Protect your whole computer, not only your browser. Free to use.