Portmaster v1.6

Import and Export Settings and App Profiles

December 11, 2023 • Written by Raphael

Backup and Restore - Hit the Ground Running

With Portmaster 1.6 you can now import and export all your configurations. So the next time your windows needs a reinstall or you want to try another linux distro you can easily take your Configurations from one Portmaster to the other.

Export App Profile

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Free Download
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Share App Profiles, Help the Community!

We also created a new GitHub repository where the community can share profiles: Portmaster-Community/apps
Contributions are super welcome, and some profiles are already there. If this gains a lot of traction we will think about how to integrate this into Portmaster directly - then you won’t have to go looking for the profile but Portmaster tells you that you can apply a community profile automatically.

So, if you have a super neat configuration for an application please share it with the community!

Import App Profile

Manage Multiple App Profiles

With this update you can merge multiple app profiles into one or remove them.

Menu and Example of Selection

Other Changes

The complete list of technical changes can always be found in Portmaster’s GitHub Releases.

December 11, 2023 • Written by Raphael

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