Explore All Portmaster Features

With Portmaster's great defaults your privacy improves without any effort. And if you want to configure and control everything down to the last detail - Portmaster has you covered too!

Monitor All Network Activity

Discover everything that is happening on your computer. Expose every connection your applications make and detect evil ones. Finally get the power to act accordingly.

Auto-Block Trackers & Malware

Block ads, trackers and malware hosts system-wide. Portmaster does this by default and uses trusted filter lists, which are also used by Ad-Blockers, etc. Easily change the defaults to fit your needs.

Secure Your DNS by Default

Even with invasive connections gone, you do not want to share your DNS requests out in the open. With Portmaster, all your DNS queries are automatically secured and re-routed to a DNS-over-TLS provider of your choice.

Explore the Docs and Source Code

In the age of Mass Surveillance, what good is a service when you cannot see what it is really doing? We believe in open source. We also document everything as good as we can.

Create Your Own Rules

Portmaster has great defaults - but one shoe does not fit all. Customize and configure Portmaster's powerful settings to fit your needs and threat model.

Set Global & per‑App Settings

Easily cut off applications from the Internet. Or block all p2p connections globally but allow them for certain apps. Or never connect to specific countries. Portmaster has you covered.

Portmaster News

Read everything about the latest updates regarding Portmaster and Safing.