SPN is in Pre-Alpha and not publicily available. That is why there are no screenshots of the software on this page. Read FAQ

Safing Privacy Network

With the SPN you protect all your connections from mass surveillance. Prevent all Internet Service Providers from collecting and selling your private activities.

Protect Your Meta‑Data

Seek true privacy. Do not overlook meta-data: which websites you visit and how frequently tell more about you than knowing what you actually do on them.

Onion Layer Encryption

Re-route all your connections through our multi-hop network to decouple your identity from the destination. With onion-encryption, no single party knows who you are and where you are going to. Inspired by Tor.

Minimize Your Meta‑Data

With the SPN, your meta-data is stripped to a minimum. Abstracting even the size of outgoing packets to diminish what information third parties, like your ISP or the Wi-Fi operator of your local coffee place, can gather about you.

Distributed Multi Identity Network

Instead of exiting all your traffic at one place, route every connection individually to spread your connections across the globe. Use vast amounts of identities (IP addresses) and limit your visibility in the "open" web.

No Kill Switch Needed

Get peace of mind instead of fearing data-leakage.

With the open source Portmaster, all your network connections are intercepted at the kernel-level, putting an end to accidental data exposure.

Pre-Order the SPN

Lock in the lower prices forever and join the waitlist to become one of the first SPN users.

  • Early Adopter Monthly

    9.90€ / per month

    • Access to the SPN
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Use on up to 5 devices
    • 17% off compared to Beta-Prices
  • Early Adopter Yearly

    99.00€ / per year

    • Access to the SPN
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Use on up to 5 devices
    • 30% off compared to Beta-Prices


You have a question? We answered some already, but you can always contact us at hello@safing.io

Is the SPN out yet?

The SPN is currently in a closed pre-alpha with our earliest Kickstarter backers (MARVIN & VISIONARY).

Find out more about the SPN's current goals and status

When can I use the SPN?

There are two key factors. The most important metric is development: the faster we progress the faster you get access. From our recent experience with the Portmaster, we know it will take weeks or months until it matures enough to progress into the "alpha" stage. The second key factor is your place in the waitlist. Everyone who pre-ordered got enqueued and we will gradually let more people into the network. Feel free to pre-order too or wait until we open the network for instant access.

Is the SPN like Tor?

The SPN is heavily inspired by Tor, but the mission is different. Next to tightly integrating with other privacy modules, the main focus of the SPN is easy protection for your whole computer, not just your browser. Additionally it spreads your connections across the globe instead of routing everything through the same circuit.

Read our comparison blog to find out more.

How does the SPN compare to VPNs?

The VPN technology was built to securely connect two company locations. However, the SPN was developed from the ground up to protect user privacy. As a result the SPN can easily outperform VPNs in every aspect.

Read our blog post to read all about the differences.

Are all connections routed through the SPN?

Yes, when enabled the Portmaster routes all Internet connections through the Safing Privacy Network.

Does the SPN route all connections individually? So every connection exits on a different node?

Yes. Every connection is routed separately, giving you a vast amount of identities (IP addresses).

View this explainer image showing a computer connecting to Steam, ProtonMail and Spotify.

Does the SPN route connections on a per app basis?

No, it routes every connection individually. So as an example, when you open several websites in different tabs in your browser, every connection will be calculated individually.

Am I totally safe from tracking with the SPN? What do service providers see when connecting through the SPN?

No. This is just one piece of the puzzle. The SPN primarily protects your IP-address from exposure, but there are still many other ways services can track and identify you. These include fingerprinting (mostly in browsers), authentication (when logged in to a service), mouse movements (malicious javascripts), etc...

Can services still identify me through other methods?

Yes, this is just one piece of the puzzle. There are multiple ways services track you, like browser fingerprinting, malicious javascripts, etc... And if you log into services, such as your Google account, they will mostly still know it is you, even though you protect your IP address.

Does the SPN only protect my browser?

The SPN reroutes all your computers connections, including those of your browser.

Can I safely log in to sites via the SPN? Like my bank account etc?

Yes. All serious websites use secure https connections, which encrypts the content of your connection (like login credentials) before the Portmaster wraps them in onion encryption. So no ISP architecture or SPN exit node will be able to manipulate that data. It is protected by https all the way to the destination server.

What platforms will you support?

Since the SPN is integrated into the Portmaster, for our the pre-alpha stage we will only support Windows and Linux. Mac and Mobile are planned, but are further down the road.

Is there a free trial version for people interested in the SPN?

No. Providing the network costs us money, so we charge accordingly. However, the privacy filter and DNS Resolver, which add a great value to your privacy, are and will remain free to use.

Where can I find your source code?

You can find our code on Github. The Portmaster, the Portmaster UI, the SPN, the docs and this website have their respective repositories. Jess, the heart of the SPN, which got audited by Cure53, can also be found online.