Privacy Policy

As a Privacy First company we aim to have privacy policy that is as clear and easy to read as possible. This privacy policy covers all our products.

Why we collect data and what we do with it

Information is key in decision making. We don’t want to shoot into the blind, so we want to grasp what is going on around us. When it comes to collecting data, we do this in the most privacy respecting way possible. We do everything we can in house and we inform you of all third-party services we use. We are explicit in the wording about what we collect, and we do not collect more than we need.

We do not collect any PII (personal identifiable information). We only have what you give us willingly and on purpose. For example, when you sign up on our forum or subscribe to Gate17.

How we guide the process of data collection

Our goal is to protect user privacy! We are careful about what we collect, and how we collect it. As a general principle, if we find a way to collect less data and still get the little information we need, we will do it.

We don’t want to collect unnecessary data, so if you have clever ideas or suggestions how we could improve please get in touch or join our community forum.

What we collect

This table is meant to give an overview. It makes it easy to navigate between topics that interest you. We want you to understand our policy and be transparent about it.

(This list includes future Products and services which are marked with an *)

  Website Forum Portmaster * Gate17 *
User Agent X      
Language X      
Location X      
Referrer X      
Pages visited   X    
IP address   X    
Links   X    
Visit Duration   X    
Site Content   X    

In detail

The next section will go into detail on why and what information we collect.

Products and Services


We collect data when you visit our website, to better know who is interested in our product and shape it to our (future) customer base.

The software we use is Matomo, which runs on our own server. Matomo is an open source solution, and we aim to collect as little as possible. To better protect the privacy of our visitors, we only keep the reports and not the raw data, which is deleted after 48 hours.

Currently we don’t host our website on our own server. It is hosted on GitHub Pages. Please find their privacy policy here: GitHub Privacy.

Note: We are currently re-evaluating Github Pages as a hosting provider, if you have any input on this, please get in contact.

Information we collect:

  • User Agent (Browser, OS)
  • Language set by the browser
  • Location (Country and half of your IP-Address)
  • Referrer


We use Discourse as a Forum Platform. Sadly, in terms of privacy, this brings some trouble with it. Discourse tracks more than we want. This means you will have to have more trust in our good intentions. We do host it on our own server, so the information is visible to selected staff only.

So what information do we get:

  • Pages visited
  • IP address
  • Registration IP address (linked to the account until deletion)
  • Email address
  • Incoming and outgoing links
  • Reading times per Post
  • User profiles viewed
  • Likes given and flags being requested

To give you the most privacy possible we allow you to look into most of the forum without being logged in.

Note: We are looking into options to make Discourse more privacy friendly, if you ideas please get in touch

In general we encourage everyone not to use their real name and not to use their primary/private email address.


The following sections will detail what exactly we mean by the rather short descriptions of information used before.

User Agent

We collect what operating system and web browser is used. The goal is to develop software that our customers can use. Therefore, knowing which operating systems they use is important for effective development.


We look at the language setting of your system (or browser). To achieve the best privacy possible, it is important that the customer understands what each setting of our product is doing. This means working with them in their language. Knowing what languages (future) customers use, helps us to prioritize translation efforts.


We use your IP address to identify the country from which you are accessing our services. Only half of your IP address saved.

This information helps us know where are customers come from and helps us prioritize different product features, as the privacy requirements differ for countries. For us it is important to help to maximize privacy for all out customers, but of course we want to tackle the needs of our biggest customer base first.

If you want to know how the open source web analytic tool is doing this, check out the Matomo Documentation on Privacy.


We collect information about the site you were coming from when visiting our site. The privacy community is a very active one, there a lot of different recommendation sites and forums out there. We want to know who is linking to us, and give credit where credit is deserved.

Who has access to personal data

Only the Safing Team has access, we don’t share any personal information.

How we protect your data

We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you enter, submit, or access your personal information.

Your personal data rights

In regards to all of your personal data we store you have the following rights:

  • The right to information (get a list of all of your data we have and why we have it)
  • The right to access (get a copy of all of your data)
  • The right to rectification (change your data)
  • The right to withdraw consent (we stop working with your data)
  • The right to object (an additional way to say stop working with my data)
  • The right to object to automated processing (request a Manuel review of on otherwise automated process)
  • The right to be forgotten (delete your data)
  • The right for data portability (transfer your data somewhere else)

If you want to make use any of your rights, please contact us.

As a registered company in Austria, Europe, you can complain about privacy related issues at the Austrian Data Protection Authority.


Here is a detailed list of all companies that in any way handle (parts) of our customer data and/or could technically (and in some cases illegally) access it. This is the “long tail” of your trust in us. If you feel that any of these are in conflict with our values or have shown to not value user privacy, please get in contact.

Publication date and updates

This is document has the version 1.1 and has been published on 25.07.2019 and will go into effect on 25.07.2019.

As our privacy policy is very detailed, we will update it quite often. Please check back regularly. Major changes, especially if negative for our customers, will be broadly communicated.

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