Provide Local Value for Free, Forever

Everybody deserves privacy, not only the wealthy. That is why so many local privacy features are free, and will remain so forever. This fits perfectly into the Freemium business model as well as into FOSS, free and open source software.

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Sell Protection in Transit

There is privacy that comes with a cost because it requires additional server bandwidth. Naturally, this is where we charge for our superior VPN alternative. You get extra privacy, while we get to finance ourselves.

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Reinvest Earnings into Privacy

All our income is invested into the privacy cycle: Finance amazing talent. Develop great, open source software - both free and paid. Delight users so more people join and support the cycle.

Repeat endlessly to spread privacy to the masses; strengthening the Freedom of our societies.

Clear Ownership & Transparent Funding

Taking money always means opening up to influences. Therefore, we see it as our duty to not only be open about our ownership, but also about how we financed our journey so far.

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