We own Safing

We do not want parties to gain influence which do not or might not stand behind our values. That is why in the initial funding phase we took more personal risks instead of selling parts of our company for easy money.

The legal entity behind Safing is Safing ICS Technologies GmbH, a private company registered in Austria.

Financed by Grants, Loans and You

We are thankful for all the partnerships & possibilities that are emerging from our R&D heavy years in which we are exploring new privacy frontiers.

Slowly but surely we are migrating into our dream scenario where we only have to rely on the support and trust of our users. Help us get there by using the Portmaster and later down the road, purchasing the SPN.

Influences updated May 2021

Through these partnerships we are not only receiving funding, but much needed support, advice, training, encouragement and helpful criticism.

To everyone involved - you know who you are: Thank you so much, we would not be here without you!

  • FFG


    The FFG is the national funding institution for Research & Development of Austria. Their goal is to strengthen innovation and the economy.

    We got accepted into the FFG Basisprogramm in 2019 continuing until 2021. The included funding and loan enabled us to hire our first employees and further progress our products.

    • 81.800 funding held out in prospect
    • 77.300€ loan held out in prospect
    • Received 146.541€ funding
    • Received 138.445€ loan
    • Received 82.800€ funding
    • Received 78.200€ loan
  • Netidee


    Netidee funding from 2017 helped us to kickstart all this. In late 2019 and 2020, they granted follow-up fundings for the years 2019/20 and 2020/21 respectively.

    • 12.500€ funding held out in prospect
    • Received 12.500€ funding
    • Received 20.012€ funding
    • Received 30.048€ funding
    • Received 47.799€ funding
  • Kickstarter

    February 2020

    Through our crowdfunding campaign, we received our first supporters who also backed us financially. Thanks to every one of you for giving us your trust and money even before we had any software to show for!

    • Received 11.755€ funding
  • ESA-BIC Austria


    Safing ICS Technologies GmbH is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Austria. We are incubated by Accent, with SPG and the Lower Austrian State as the contractual partners.

    • Received 40.000€ funding
  • Fund of Excellence


    The Fund of Excellence is an investment fund by the Erste Group, that invests in people, rather than companies. They were investing in one of Safing's founders.

    • Received continuous personal funding
  • Personal Investment


    We invest our personal time and money to further push the project and company. Starting from 2017, and drastically increasing over the next years, we personally invested over 200.000€ in value.

    • Invested over 200.000€ in value