Becoming PrivacyTools' first sponsor

December 20, 2019


This week we're excited to announce our sponsorship for PrivacyTools. Their website has personally helped all three of us founders, and it would not surprise me if you regularly visit their site too. Raphi and I discuss how it came about to get together with the PrivacyTools team and why we decided to become one of their sponsors. We then also talk about the current state of the privacy community. Enjoy the listen! (sorry for the audio this week, being back in Austria for the week, so the setup was unusual)


- PrivacyTools Website: https://privacytools.io
- Accompanying Blog Post: https://safing.io/blog/2019/12/20/announcing-the-privacytools-sponsorship/
- PTIO Announcement: https://blog.privacytools.io/welcoming-safing-first-sponsor/
- Donate to PrivacyTools: https://opencollective.com/privacytoolsio


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