Deadlines, Tailwind & Designing Safing

June 29, 2020


What is the problem with public deadlines and how do they impact creativity & performance? How did Luke approach the massive task of completely re-desiging Safing? What tools come into play and where do we currently stand?

David and Luke get together to chat about these questions, giving plenty of insight behind-the-scenes. Enjoy!


Give Luke the criticism he wished for on reddit:

- r/safing: https://reddit.com/r/safing


- Homepage: https://safing.io/
- Tailwind CSS: https://tailwindcss.com/

Lukes Handles

- https://twitter.com/lukeseers/
- https://github.com/lukeseers

Davids Handles

- https://twitter.com/davegson/
- https://github.com/davegson/
- https://reddit.com/u/davegson/
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