#004 - Progress Update October

November 2, 2020 • Written by David


A list of work packages we've fully wrapped up this month. Expand any to find out more about its conclusion.

Enable you to sign in to your Safing account on the Portmaster client via the Safing API. Also respond with details regarding your SPN subscription.

Implement device management so you can sign out of devices from the Safing website.

Backend Done, Frontend Task Moved to Backlog

The server part has been done for a while now, which is great! As a result the task to implement the client side feature will be very straightforward. We intended to push this feature directly with the redesigned UI but decided against it to not slow the release down. So off to the backlog it goes.

Dive into our Backlog

As the SPN saw the light of day, the time has come to spread the word via word of mouth and paid marketing.

Reach out to YouTube channels and newsletters in the privacy scene who offer sponsored shout-outs.

You are very welcome to give us suggestions in this context.

Our Feet Are Wet

The last weeks and months we reached out to plenty of people in search for new audiences. We sponsored some content creators and were happy with the results. As such we will continue to do so. For now we'll wrap this card up, but naturally we will keep you in the loop about our marketing activities.

We Paid For YouTube Sponsorships

Big shout-out to Nick from The Linux Experiment whom it was a pleasure to work with! We had the chance to sponsor two videos in September, and two happened in October. If you are into Linux, this channel is a must!

Check out The Linux Experiment on YouTube

Co-operate with the FFG to wrap up the funding of the past year. Prepare and fine tune our documents so we can promptly respond to any requests as they make spot checks.

Fully Wrapped Up

Throughout the last year, reports were written, time-sheets were filled out and our company expenses were budgeted. Since the FFG funded a lot of this period we handed in all relevant documents for them to review. They were content and we already received the final part of that funding/loan. We are happy to conclude this and already applied for a follow-up funding/loan. More on that next month.

View all numbers on how we finance ourselves

In Progress

Expand any work package to find out more about its progress, obstacles and sub-achievements.

After v0.1, focus on stabilizing the typical issues that arise with early software. Fix bugs, improve performance & stability.

Detect failures in the network and react accordingly.

Deliver to more and more pre-orders as the network matures.

Progress Staled As We Focused On the Portmaster Redesign

With Luke and Patrick steaming ahead with the UI Redesign, they stumbled over some technical limitations which needed to be tackled by Daniel to not block their progress. Focus will be back on the SPN and this project as soon as the redesign is out.

Completely overhaul the Portmaster user interface to simplify all aspects of it.

Easily block connections from the Monitor, easily block all connection of an app, etc...

Around 90% Of the First Version Are Done

In the last weeks Luke, Patrick and Daniel steamed ahead to really make the Portmaster shine. The Portmaster already is powerful, sure, but really not that useable. The upcoming update will make it easy to block domains from the monitor page, set global settings and then overwrite them on a per-app level, as well as change settings based on your current environment. Are you in a coffe shop? Just switch to "Untrusted Mode" and all your settings will adapt to your defined needs. Stay tuned, it will be big.

Speed Improvements On Their Way Too

Since Daniel was focusing on some Portmaster ground work he also tackled some nasty bugs which should help a ton with speed issues many users experienced. While at it he also tackled the next card, the prompts are coming back!

Reintroduce the "Prompt Mode" which asks for your input whether or not to allow a connection. Naturally, make it possible to lock in a decision for the future.

Prompts Are Coming Back

As Daniel had to shift focus from the SPN to the Portmaster, he went on a side-mission: he tackled the underlying issues which forced us to previously disable connection prompting. With that done they are finally coming back! Prompting is already designed and will be released in a bundle with the UI Redesign. Stay tuned!

You can see our high level concepts & you can inspect our code. But nothing in between.

Fill that gap by providing proper documentation of the Portmaster. What does each component do? With what other components does it interact? Where is its code located?

Structure Set, Texts Are Being Written

The Portmaster is a powerful tool, and hence it is complex. Showing and documenting this in an easy fashion is a challenge, so David put a lot of thought into finding a big-picture structure with which the docs should be easy to understand and navigate. With that being done, now the texts for each part, module and component are being written.

Design Is Still Primitive And Needs Work

Since Luke is fully invested into the Portmaster Redesign we are just using the very outdated docs design for now. We might release this project in different stages so you get content fast and then make it fancier and more informative as we go.

Enable you to pay for the SPN with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero

First Stage Is In Review

Cryptocurrency payments can become rather complicated, that is why we decided to first implement a manual solution and later add complexity to make things more automatic. Alex has finished development of the this first stage and we are now in the review phase, where we will investigate the code, improve parts and make them ready for deployment.