#014 - Progress Update August

September 1, 2021 • Written by David


A list of work packages we've fully wrapped up this month. Expand any to find out more about its conclusion.

Design and implement a "Get Help" section within the Portmaster so users can easily get help with issues or even smoothly report issues directly within the app.

Live on Beta Release Channel

After three deployment attempts this feature finally made it to the Beta release channel. It has been running smoothly so far, so it is highly likely that we will deploy the new improvements to all users next week. For anyone who cannot wait just switch to the Beta Release Channel

You can now report issues from within the Portmaster app, even without a GitHub account. We are looking forward to more easily receive edge-cases and to iron out bugs. On that note: Thanks for all your reports and efforts - the Portmaster would not be where it is without all users and contributors!

Help Texts and Bug Fixes Included

This release also sees the introduction of a feature we call "tip-ups": you can now explore the difficult sections of the Portmaster with the help of pop-ups which should help grasping everything the Portmaster has to offer. Oh yes, and bug fixes, plenty of those got bundled here too.

Switch RC to "Beta" to Get the Update Today

In Progress

Expand any work package to find out more about its progress, obstacles and sub-achievements.

After v0.1, focus on stabilizing the typical issues that arise with early software. Fix bugs, improve performance & stability.

Detect failures in the network and react accordingly.

Deliver to more and more pre-orders as the network matures.

Puzzling Together the Last Pieces

After finding a couple more nasty bugs, nearly all SPN components for the v0.3 update are now integrated nicely with the new networking stack. We have already started testing with our internal test network and will be deploying the new version to servers shortly and test some real world scenarios before letting you have a test drive.

People report confusion around the network monitor. The dots feel like buttons but actually are not clickable. Rethink this section to make it more user friendly.

Concept Is Done - Implementation Starts

Luke gave this section some really hard thought: What was the expectation a user had when viewing all the different apps? What information do we actually want in this overview? After several different approaches he finally landed at a design he is confident with. For now you will have to wait until you see it - but having seen how much better it feels, it will definitely be worth the wait. Stay tuned!

Enable you to pay for the SPN with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero

Review In Progress, End in Sight

David and Alex started with the review last month. The bookkeeping requirements are fulfilled and now we are in the process of fine-tuning the code and its tests.

The end of this monster task seems near - but one can never be 100% sure with such an essential feature. Payments are just too crucial. Anyway, we will keep you posted as always - we cannot wait until people can finally pay with cryptos!

Describe how the Portmaster updates itself in more detail. What is the purpose of each resource? What insights do we gain through this and how do we protect your privacy in the process?

Halted Due to Vacation

In the summer progress feels a bit slower than usual, but that is also very natural. Many of us are taking some weeks off to recharge our batteries. Slowing down the current progress, but helping a lot in the long run! This task was paused due to vacation. It will probably get some new attention in September.

Conclude the current FFG and Netidee grants by submitting the required end reports.

Wrapping Up End Reports and New Proposals for Further Grants

August saw plenty of progress in the back office. Both the end reports for the FFG and Netidee are nearing completion, which will likely unlock the final payments. Additionally, applications for further grants have also progressed far, needing only a few final touches before being on their way.


Work packages we for one reason or the other decided to postpone. Click on a package to find out the exact reasons why.

A lot of duplication happens in the HTML of our different web projects. Extract the most common components into CSS component classes, such as `btn-primary`, to remove duplication and unify the HTML.

Implementation Postponed Due to Low Priority

Even though the new tailwind components will make our website HTML much nicer - what visitors see on our homepages will stay pretty much the same. As a result we decided to tackle more pressing matters first.

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