#013 - Progress Update July

August 9, 2021 • Written by David

In Progress

Expand any work package to find out more about its progress, obstacles and sub-achievements.

After v0.1, focus on stabilizing the typical issues that arise with early software. Fix bugs, improve performance & stability.

Detect failures in the network and react accordingly.

Deliver to more and more pre-orders as the network matures.

Climbed Over An Unexpected Obstacle

As we were about to complete the improved internal networking stack of the SPN - including the new session management - the tests of the full stack showed another flow control requirement. While this was a setback, the work on this update has been completed and makes the SPN network stack even more stable than before. The new flow control requirement will ensure that uploads via the SPN will not clog the channels and slow down other connections sharing some of the same path through the network. We cannot wait to ship it and have you test it!

Design and implement a "Get Help" section within the Portmaster so users can easily get help with issues or even smoothly report issues directly within the app.

Feature Nearing Its Release

Both the designs and the implementation have been completed by Luke and Patrick. A lot of work went into this, making it easy to report bugs from within the Portmaster, even without a GitHub account. Now we just need to iron things out such as wording and then this feature will get out to the beta release channel. Looking forward to this!

Enable you to pay for the SPN with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero

Export Module Done, Feature Set In Review

Alex continued to develop this feature and achieved full circle. Every part is working, but now the review cycle is starting. The code will be inspected and improved where needed. Let us see how far we get in August.

A lot of duplication happens in the HTML of our different web projects. Extract the most common components into CSS component classes, such as `btn-primary`, to remove duplication and unify the HTML.

Components Are Built, Review Process Starts

Luke did an amazing job at building these slick tailwind components with which we can completely swap our site HTML. Even as this comes out, which might still take a while, you will not notice a difference: the website(s) will still look exactly the same. But adding new sections and pages will be so much easier, as the HTML will just be elegant and easy to work with. Anyway, the next step is reviewing everything, fine-tuning naming of components and classes and then making a plan how to best implement the new system throughout our three different web projects: website, docs and account site.

Describe how the Portmaster updates itself in more detail. What is the purpose of each resource? What insights do we gain through this and how do we protect your privacy in the process?

Halted Due to Vacation

In the summer progress feels a bit slower than usual, but that is also very natural. Many of us are taking some weeks off to recharge our batteries. Slowing down the current progress, but helping a lot in the long run! This task was paused due to vacation. It will probably get some new attention in September.

Conclude the current FFG and Netidee grants by submitting the required end reports.

End Reports in the Works and Proposals for Further Grants

There are two end reports that need to be submitted within the next month, for the FFG and Netidee. However, it does not end there - we already are neck-deep in writing proposals for two more grants. As always, you can check our influences to find out more about our finances.

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