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September 29, 2022 • Written by Raphael
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Get Involved in Portmaster Development Through Discord

We are passionate about sharing and interacting more directly, and Discord finally gives us this option - Some team members wanted this for the longest time!

Email is too siloed and sending a newsletter with draft designs seems unnatural as well, Reddit is too public and Twitter not conversational enough - so this is why we landed here.

Discord will be the place were we will:

There will also be a place for the community to help each other. We as a team will also be in there, but we are currently very busy working on Portmaster. By bringing all of you together, we aim strengthen the community and get you help faster.

We Want to Get Closer to the Community

We also thought about other platforms, but settled on Discord as this is what most people already have. We want to be present where you already are, not invite you to yet-another-platform.

Sometimes when I ask people to vote for the Portmaster on (or the SPN) the answer is: “No, I don’t want to create a new account.” I totally understand. This is the nice thing about Discord - many of you already have it.

For those who don’t want to install their software, rest assured, Discord works great in the browser – no installation required.

This Is a Trial – No Promises

We are not sure if we have the capacity to manage this sort of community, as we are focused on developing Portmaster. Some of you already volunteered to help moderate the community and we appreciate this a lot!

But if this turns out to not work as intended we will close this server again.

Special Areas for Portmaster Supporters

If you support our work, we want to hear your voice loud and clear. For this, we are working on giving you the option to “link” your Discord ID in your Safing Account. This will give you access to private Discord rooms with even better access to the Safing team.

In these private rooms you can ask questions, discuss ideas with the team and ask for help. You can also help us to decide where to expand the SPN next and give feedback on speeds around the globe. Some of the team already said they will mainly focus on those channels.

So hop on over, and invite others who are interested to

September 29, 2022 • Written by Raphael

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