Portmaster 1.0, A New Era for Privacy

Automated privacy. A unified experience. An exciting new chapter.

October 27, 2022 • Written by Raphael

Just in time, after reaching the milestone of 4k stars on GitHub, Portmaster finally reaches version 1.0. 🎉

image displaying Portmaster 1.0

Free Download
Free Download
Free Download

The biggest feature coming with version 1.0 brings all functions of Portmaster together. With the new “Side-Dash”, you can now easily jump between apps to investigate their connections or quickly jump to their settings. Monitoring your computer and configuring your personal preferences becomes a breeze.

image displaying the multi-app navigation within the side-dash

Explore Your Multiple Identities

With the new “Side-Dash” you can now easily see what countries each app is connecting through and how many identities you have per app. With Portmaster Unlimited, it also has become easier to navigate to the world map, making exploration not only informative but also fun.

image displaying the identities graph and shield of the side-dash

Portmaster Is Now A Complete Package

As an ever maturing product, re-labeling Portmaster’s development stage has been a long time coming. But as I wrote back in January, I did not feel like we had the range of features for a proper version 1.0. Now - with the introduction of the Side Dash - this has given us the glue we needed between all current features to make them feel connected, marking a new chapter.

Portmaster is now a complete package that should be evaluated and reviewed for what it is today - without any disclaimers and promises about the future. We are super excited to have reached this milestone! 🎉

Portmaster Is Not Done Yet

Naturally, this does not mean we are done with Portmaster or that bugs can no longer appear. However, reaching version 1.0 is a huge checkpoint in our journey, with many milestones and features yet to come.

Next Up

Our current development and the next releases will continue to focus on stability. We also want to include at least one “hero feature” in every bigger release, so the UI and features are guaranteed to mature and evolve.

Another thing we now have the capacity to do is to kick off migration to mobile. Kick-off is the key word. Also, the first supported platform has more similarities with a cyborg than with a pear.

Thank You

Whether you have been with us for a while or if you heard about Portmaster for the first time. Thanks for enjoying Portmaster. Thanks for 2^12 GitHub stars.

With version 1.0, Portmaster should be recommended as one of the first steps anybody should take within their privacy journey.

October 27, 2022 • Written by Raphael

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