Golang (or C/C++) Developer

Austria - Remote - Fulltime

We're on a mission to help everyone withstand today's mass surveillance so they can reclaim their privacy. If you are passionate about our mission, tech-savvy, and like working independently, you are a great fit for our team!

We are looking for a Golang Developer with a background in IP networks (C, C++, or other static OO language dev willing to switch) to join us at Safing. Maybe that’s you?

Your Tasks and Responsibilities

As mentioned before, Golang is not a hard requirement, experience in C or C++ will suffice for you to quickly pick up Golang. Additionally, if you have ever worked with operating system internals, such as process handling or the network stack, you will have an easier time getting into our technology.

We’re a small team, and as such you won’t be working on only one thing but in multiple areas and with different technologies. On the one side this means that diverse experience is beneficial, on the other side it also means that you can try out different areas and choose in which direction you want to develop and grow.

We are here to serve the people; hence it is crucial that you are interested in what they have to say. You will be communicating with both the community as well as the developers to further improve and iterate our output.

What to Expect

There is lots of freedom to take over responsibility of sub areas, or even evolving into the lead developer of a whole product.

First 3-6 months

Build a strong bond with the team, understand the architecture of our software, the code, and the workflow: conceptualizing, coding, and testing. Push your first bug fixes, and maybe even feature.

After 6 months

After you feel comfortable enough, you’ll quickly be able to take over responsibility over bigger features, hence you will have a great influence on the performance and impact of our products. You will work out a self-sufficient workflow in the area of expertise you chose to dive into. The specification can be either on the Portmaster or SPN. Regardless of your choice, constant growth is important.


Hard Skills

Ideally, you have several years of work experience in IT security, if possible, with specification on decentralized networks. Additionally, you have proficient knowledge about network protocols like TCP, UDP, DNS, http, and TLS. You should know how firewalls function, as well as being intimate with how the Internet works on a network level. Operating system integrations, distributed systems, and protocol design are things you are familiar with.

Additional Skills

Soft Skills


This job comes with a gross salary starting from 42k € per year. However, we are open for negotiations, depending on qualifications and experience.

How to Apply

All jobs at Safing start with your application via email, where you can tell us a little bit about yourself. After that, we’ll have 1-2 short interviews and stay in touch after that. If it’s a good fit for both of us you can immediately start out with a paid trial (spanning 3 months), leading into full employment thereafter.

For applicants coming from abroad

If you are curious to know about all the benefits of working in Austria, feel free to reach out to us and we will answer your questions. If you decide to join us, we will help you settle in as best as we can.