Join Safing

Driven by Our Mission

We love Freedom, just like You. We are on a mission to help everyone withstand today’s mass surveillance so they can reclaim their privacy.

We are not striving to create a unicorn, which we can sell for a huge profit. Rather, we strive to be a sustainable business and have a meaningful impact in today’s Internet landscape. As we take our mission seriously, we have not only open sourced our products, but are also open about our funding, influences and business model.

Safing develops a privacy toolkit, which equips everyday online citizens to withstand mass surveillance. We are not solving every privacy problem out there, but we believe our approach tackles some root problems and will have a massive impact on peoples lives!

Jobs At Safing Come With

  • 🔥 making an impact
  • 💵 fair salary - greatly depends on the role and experience
  • 💻 a fully paid setup
  • ⚖️ work-life balance: a healthy balance between work and recreation is essential
  • 🔍 transparency: as one of our core values, this is both true internally and externally
  • ⚡️ modern technology
  • 🌎 remote work (might be restricted to Austria 🇦🇹)
  • 🏢 an office located in Baden, Lower Austria (optional). It is only a 8 minute walk from the S-Bahn and Badner Bahn station.

How To Apply

All jobs at Safing start with your application via email (to, where you introduce yourself. Tell us about your experience, your expectations and what privacy means to you.

What To Expect After Applying

We read and respond to all incoming emails, usually within a week. After a positive evaluation we will have 1-2 short interviews and stay in touch after that. If it is a good fit for both of us, we will schedule when and how to kick things off.

What We Are Looking For

Most Wanted - Current Bottlenecks:

  • Golang Developer with some background in IP networks (or Java, C, C++, other static OO language dev willing to switch)

Character Traits

  • passionate about our mission
  • independent. we are a small team requiring a lot of independent work - this does not mean you will not receive help & guidance, but we cannot hold your hand and constantly tell you how things need to be done
  • solution oriented. we admire people who submerge into problems and really fix and improve the root cause of issues
  • creative. likewise, we love people who can think out of the box and find new and different ways of solving problems
  • a good communicator. we are a remote team - so expressing yourself in writing is a must
  • opinionated & humble. we value people standing up for their ideas, yet are also happy to discard their former opinions when a better way of doing things presents itself
  • happy to talk with our users. we are here to serve the people, hence it is crucial that you are interested in what they have to say
  • flexible. it will be helpful if you are willing to adapt into related areas you feel comfortable with. This will happen naturally and only after you feel confident in your current role, but we felt the need to point that out beforehand. After all, we are still in our early shoes.

Nice to Have’s

  • full-time employment. In general, we are looking to hire full-time rather than part-time.
  • experience. Sadly, we currently have limited time to develop talent, that is why applicants with experience have higher chances of getting hired.
  • Austria. Due to received fundings that only cover employment in Austria, it is more likely we can hire Austrian residents - but if you live somewhere else, we would still love to hear from you and together we might figure something out.