The Golang Meetup and the yellow T-Shirt

November 1, 2019


Daniel recently gave a presentation at a golang meetup. He and David talk about what Go is and why we use Go to develop our products. Can Go phone home to Google? And why, WHY was Daniel wearing a yellow t-shirt? :P

We then talk about the process of becoming a public figure, which all us founders are currently going through. Daniel already got a new slick profile pic for Twitter. And is Davids pic in need of an upgrade too? Let us know ;) Thanks for listening!


- r/safing: this episodes reddit thread


- Video of Daniels Presentation
- Picture of him in the Yellow T-Shirt ;)
- Safing Homepage

Daniels Handles

- https://twitter.com/dehaavi/
- https://github.com/dhaavi/
- https://old.reddit.com/user/dhaavi

Davids Handles

- https://twitter.com/davegson/
- https://github.com/davegson/
- https://old.reddit.com/u/davegson/