Should Privacy Even Exist?

March 5, 2021


We all long for Freedom. And privacy advocates say that Freedom is only possible with privacy. But could Freedom be achieved without it? That is exactly what today's guest Ben Malisow is claiming: Get rid of privacy altogether and humanity will be liberated.

Join today's episode where Raphael and Ben have a wonderful debate on one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Show Notes

- Ben's Book "Exposed": https://amazon.com/dp/B08M5DGS4H/
- Ben's Podcast: https://www.securityzed.com/podcast-test


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Ben's Socials

- https://twitter.com/BenMalisow/
- https://reddit.com/u/BenMalisow

Raphael's Socials

- https://twitter.com/Raphty101/
- https://reddit.com/u/Raphty101

Music Credit

All music composed by Philter. Intro Song: "Sunrise". Outro Song: "Sunset"
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