Progress Update I - Privacy Network

October 18, 2019


Today Daniel and David give you an update on the current progress of the Privacy Network. We kick back to the decision that lead us to focus solely on the Privacy Network, explain what it is and how it compares to VPNs and TOR. Daniel gives insight into what modules he'll tackle next so we can release the first stage in Q1 2020. We're extremely excited to soon be reaching that stage - even though there is a lot of work still to be done. Thanks for listening!


- Participate in our community: r/safing
- Safing Homepage
- Sneak peak for the new homepage (sorry this is really rough, I did not give our designer a heads up 😅🙈)
- Privacy Network (Gate17) Whitepaper
- https://docs.safing.io/

Daniels Handles

- https://twitter.com/dehaavi/
- https://github.com/dhaavi/

Davids Handles

- https://twitter.com/davegson/
- https://github.com/davegson/
- https://old.reddit.com/u/davegson/